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Customize Your Ring

Celebrate Your Love With An Exquisite Ring Unique To You And Your True Love

  • Select your ring style
  • Choose your preferred metal and finishing
  • Select the dimensions of your ring
  • Add engraving

Go Completely Custom With Luxe

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From The Finest Metals

Your Luxe band is forged from the most precious and durable metals to give you a truly exquisite ring.

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Endless Custom Options

You can adjust the width, add thickness, and change the metals and finishes to your desired taste.

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Add A Unique Engraving

Personalize your special ring with Luxe engraving. Design it with a special message to yourself or a loved one.

Your Luxe Ring Is Uniquely Yours

Design A Ring You Will Love

Use our cutting-edge ring configurator to tailor a ring to your preferences and budget.

Custom Made To Perfection

Luxe will always craft your ring and unique custom wedding rings using only the finest metals that have been carefully sourced.

Engrave To Your Taste

Personalize your ring with your wedding date or engraved message to your loved one.

Add Your Personal Touch to Your Wedding Band!

How To Customize Your Ring

Step 1: Choose your preferred style

We have over 20 ring styles you can choose from. These styles include Austin, Atlanta, Alamo, Berlin, Boston, Dallas, Florence, Houston, York, Roma, and Several Others. View our Ring Customization Page to find out more.

Your chosen style will also determine where your finishing will be on the ring, along the sides and middle, or the entire width. For example, Austin finishes run down the sides and middle, but for York, it covers the entire outer ring surface.

Step 2: Pick from a wide range of metals

Depending on your ring style, you can choose from a wide range of metals to suit your taste and budget. You will have the option of selecting a 9, 14, or 18 Karats gold, depending on what base metal you choose. Opt for the luxurious Yellow Gold or the dazzling White and Rose Gold if you desire an expensive and royal appearance. Or explore other metals such as the easily loved sparkling Sterling Silver, Platinum, Titanium, Zirconium Grey, and Zirconium Black.

Step 3: Select your desired finishing

Mix and match the above metals with a variety of gorgeous finishes. Pick from several available options, including Polished, Brushed, Side Brushed, Hammered, Ice Matte, and Diagonal Matte.

Feel free to try out different combinations until you design the ring you absolutely love. There are really no limitations, only what you desire!

Step 4: Choose the appropriate dimensions

Choose your ring sizing system from 8 different countries and select your ring size. For US and Canadian residents, ring sizes range from 3 mm to 16 mm. Choose your correct size and customize the width and thickness to your desired style and budget.

Step 5: Add your special engraving

Have fun engraving your ring. Pick from a variety of fonts. Add symbols, love signs, and any written text of your choice of up to 30 characters.

It's time to start thinking about your next wedding ring.

When you’re ready, we’ll help you design the perfect ring with our state-of-the-art ring configurator.

After all, who says “I Do” without an engagement ring? Or a wedding band? Or even just something to commemorate a special day in your life?

Get the perfect ring for the perfect partner to begin the perfect journey!

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