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Frequently Asked Questions

We advise starting with the page we have displayed our rings if you need help deciding on a ring for you or your partner. You can contrast them one against the other or click the top links to get a list of all of them. It can be difficult to choose which ring is best for you. Still, there are excellent lists of advantages and disadvantages for each ring.

Additionally, you can shop based on color and material, which is a very useful place to start. Feel free to email us at or chat with us online, and we will assist you in discovering the best ring for you.

Our fantastic customer support team can assist you whenever you need assistance! You can reach us by email at, where we normally respond within 24 hours or less.

We are available 24/7 through the contact us form.

Our titanium and zirconium rings will be your best option if you are allergic to nickel. Please avoid gold, as it contains a small amount of nickel.

View our titanium collection.
View our zirconium collection.

When you purchase the ring, we provide a free ring sizer. You can also purchase the ring sizer separately, whose cost will be discounted if you buy the ring from us.

Click here and let us know the type of ring you bought to start an exchange or return of Luxe Wedding Rings. Before initiating a return or exchange, kindly read our exchange policy.

Ring sizers cannot be returned or exchanged. However, you can discard or recycle if you are finished using yours.

All our rings come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY. Click here for more details, including exclusions.

We can work with you to create something entirely original for you from the start, or you can modify one of our pre-made rings, which also falls within the Custom category. Click here to create your custom ring.

Unlike gold plating, solid gold is built to last longer. However, it is more expensive than its plated counterpart and does hold its worth.

Plated jewelry will require more maintenance over time than solid gold. Additionally, you should keep it away from harsh chemicals because they will cause the gold plating to tarnish more quickly than usual.

Please read our policy before initiating a return or exchange.

Currently, our presence is online. This helps us in keeping our costs down.

Yes, it’s included for free with every ring as per the design you create. Test it out for yourself.

We provide a free ring sizer along with every purchased ring. Ring sizer can also be purchased separately, whose cost will be discounted if you buy the ring from us.
Buying our Ring Sizer is the finest way to determine your size. Since you may take the ring sizers off and wear them throughout the day to measure your size at various points and while engaging in various activities, this will provide you with an accurate measurement.

Going to a jeweler to get sized may not be accurate. This frequently results in incorrect sizing because your ring size might vary by up to a size and a half in a single day. If you must visit a jeweler, we advise having your finger measured more than once. You can also ask if they have any comfortable fit rings you may try on.

Your custom made ring will be scheduled for production after payment has been received. Most of our rings are completed within 3-5 weeks. If you need your ring earlier than 3-5 weeks, please contact us first before ordering. For more information, kindly read our shipping policy.

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