platinum - Luxe Wedding Rings


luxe platinum - Luxe Wedding Rings


One of the world’s rarest metals, and a great choice of metal to have your Luxe ring crafted in as it will always hold its value. Platinum 950 with a combination of 95 per cent pure platinum and 5 per cent alloy is the perfect choice. Rings made from platinum are durable and will be with you a lifetime, while having a beautiful and natural white sheen.

Luxe offers both Platinum 950 and Platinum 600, and which you choose will depend on your budget and lifestyle. 

Platinum 600 combines 60 per cent platinum with a 40 per cent mixture of other metals including tungsten. This gives it a slightly darker color and greater durability, being twice as hard as other metals. If you work with your hands and prefer a low maintenance metal, Platinum 600 will be the ideal choice. 

If a bright finish and high value are important to you, Platinum 950 will hold its white and lustrous finish and due to its purity is hypoallergenic.

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