Rose Gold

Rose gold - Luxe Wedding Rings

Rose Gold

LUXE ROSE Gold - Luxe Wedding Rings

Rose Gold

The traditional choice, gold symbolizes everything that is special about jewelry. A gold Luxe ring will be a piece you’ll treasure for life. Gold by itself is too malleable and soft to be used in jewelry, so is always combined in alloys before being fashioned into your ideal design. 

Based on your budget and your lifestyle, you can set your ring in one of three karat levels across our gold range: 9 karat (9ct), 14 karat (14ct) or 18 karat (18ct). 

  • 9ct consists of 37.5% pure gold and 62.5% quality alloys, making it strong, durable and affordable. 
  • 14ct is 57.5% pure gold and alloys and offers a balance between style, durability and affordability. It has become a popular option as it is easy to wear. 
  • 18ct contains 75% pure gold with alloys, and is our most precious and luxurious gold option. Heavier due to its higher gold content, it will need regular polishing and cleaning to maintain its brilliant lustre. 

Luxe has three colors of gold to suit your ideal design: Yellow Gold, White Gold and Rose Gold. We achieve these hues by mixing pure gold based on the chosen carat weight with various alloys. When customizing your Luxe wedding ring, you can add details in Tantalum or Zirconium to create a striking look. 

  • For a design with an antique feel, warm Rose Gold is a great choice. We achieve the warm pink tones by adding copper to our alloy. This is an increasingly popular choice to give your design a unique and eye-catching finish. 
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