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Ring Care Guide

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Yellow Gold

Use a delicate chamois cloth to clean your gold ring carefully every night. This will prevent the accumulation of residue. Find polishing cloths explicitly designed for yellow gold jewelry. Use a commercial cleaner made for gold jewelry to clean your yellow gold ring when a polishing cloth cannot do so.

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White Gold

When a piece of white gold is unclean, you can prepare it for cleaning by soaking it in a solution of mild soap and warm water for 20 to 30 minutes. Next, rub your ring with a gentle cloth to remove the dirt after soaking it. After that, you can rinse with warm water to remove any remaining soap. Then, with a fresh towel, dry it.

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Rose Gold

To avoid the need for more frequent deep cleanings, routinely wipe your rose gold ring with a dry polishing cloth. However, you can thoroughly clean it by soaking it in warm water with a mild dish soap.

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Carbon Fiber

The care of carbon fiber rings is not exceptional. You can clean them with common jewelry cleaners, provided they don’t include meteorites. Please check meteorite cleaning guidelines if your ring contains meteorites.

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Tantalum is extremely durable, resistant to most chemicals, and doesn’t need a lot of upkeep. Simply soak in a basin of water and mild soap for two minutes before brushing with a delicate towel.

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Although these rings are durable, it is worthwhile to clean them occasionally. You can use dish soap to remove any nasty residue. If your design is complex, an old toothbrush can get into narrow parts and clean it up nicely. You can then use a soft cloth to wipe it clean.

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Regularly clean your platinum ring the same way you would any fine jewelry. Regularly scrub it with a delicate cloth after cleaning it with a jewelry cleaner made especially for platinum rings or a liquid of mild soap and warm water.

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To take care of your palladium jewelry, carefully scrub it with a gentle brush, mild soap, and warm water solution. Then dry and polish it with a soft cloth.

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Zirconium Grey

Cleaning and maintaining zirconium rings is quite simple. You can keep them clean with a soft brush, some warm, soapy water, and a soft cloth.

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Zirconium Black

Use a delicate towel to dry or polish after cleaning with mild soap and water. Due to the two-toned nature of black zirconium, you can notice some silver shining through over time. That is completely normal, and as you get older, it looks even better.

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Sterling Silver

Shortly after using it, wash your silver in hot soapy water. Rinse completely in hot, clear water, and then quickly and thoroughly hand dry. Avoid dip polishes when cleaning tarnished silver and use a high-quality silver polish instead.

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